Tuesday, May 12, 2009


5 year old little girl, molested 3/4 of her life so far, not receiving help from parents or CPS

This little girl has been drastically let down by her parents, CPS and the detective. The story is real and it is heartbreaking! She needs me, she needs you, she needs all of us... Not just a voice, but a scream to be heard by authorities... she needs help NOW! We can no longer allow the system to betray her. Please join me in the fight to bring this little girl to safety. Help her receive counseling and the love she needs to live a happy life. Please take the time, read and react... A precious little life depends on US... Everybody else has betrayed her. She doesn't even have a Mom or Dad advocating for her.

Here is her story:

Ariana and her Mommy lived with Grandma, while Dad was in Iraq. Dad came home, married someone else. Mommy moved in with a boyfriend, who was mean to Ariana, before she could barely walk.

Bio Dad's in-laws befriended Mom and Ariana. Ariana went to see the in-laws frequently, even spent the night.

At 2 years old, Ariana told of her 9 year old Aunt touching her privates and making her do things.

Mom refused to do anything. She lied to Grandma Michele and said Ariana wasn't going there anymore.

Ariana showed EVERY sign of sexual abuse, except for drug use and being pregnant.

At 4 years old, Ariana tells Mom, Dad, boyfriend, Grandma Michele, her Aunt, Uncle, EVERYONE that Dad's in-laws take pictures of her privates. Since she was 2, this little girl stated videos.com Which just so happens to be an adult site!!!

Nobody would do anything. So Grandma Michele files a report with CPS. Ariana didn't talk in the interview, so her case was dismissed. Are you kidding me, this little girl was scared to death!! Her Mommy and Daddy are not supporting her, she is surrounded by strangers. She gets one interview, case dismissed... What kind of justice is that??????


Next, Ariana tells EVERYBODY that the in-laws put their fingers in her vagina and her butt. Once, again, parents will not do anything. They just keep sending her to the molestors home every other weekend!!!!!! Grandma Michele tries to talk to Mom and boyfriend to make them help her. Nobody would allow Grandma or Ariana to talk. Here is what happened to Grandma:


So, you got it... Grandma Michele calls CPS. She also called the police to file battery charges. Police say, I was on their property... So, he could use force to make me leave. In Indiana, a man beating a woman is ok I guess.

Finally, Ariana acts out on her 2 year old cousin. Grandma, Aunt, Uncle think this is the answer to the prayers... FINALLY this little girl is going to get the help she needs. Ariana's Mom never told the parents. Instead, she sticks Ariana in a corner!!! Poor little Baby, can you imagine how she felt??? This just ripps my heart out. The little boy goes home, tells his Mommy and Daddy that Ariana gives him weewee kisses and puts her finger in his butt.

Caring about their niece, the Aunt files a CPS report, hoping she will finally get help!!!!The cousin has a forensic interview. They hold up a picture of a penis. He clearly states: Ariana plays with that! But, guess what? CPS drops the case AGAIN! Said the little boy didn't clearly state what happened. And, children experiment.

Mom will not allow anybody on Grandma Michele's side of the family to see this little girl. Grandma Michele used to see the girls 3 times a week, Ariana spent the night every other weekend. Now instead, she goes to a molestors home every other Saturday. And people that care about her, the people that have tried to help her, have not seen her for almost 3 months... Including her 90 year old Great Great Grandma!!!!


Please, confirm with Joey, this story is real! Unbelievable, but true!!! Obviously this little girl is in great danger. More than likely still being molested every other weekend. Now, thinking she is all alone, that nobody cares. But WE care!!!

Grandma Michele is in the process of obtaining her Foster License. The last thing this little girl needs is to be placed with strangers... Or worse yet, with the Father that has betrayed her, and takes her to the molestors. Ariana lived with Grandma the 1st 2 years of her life. She visited often, until the CPS reports. They are very close.

Grandma Michele is in the process of hiring an attorney. Show you care... Please send letters of support to the attorney. This little girl needs pulled out of her home, protected and loved. Mommy needs to get help as she is broken herself, Ariana belongs with Grandma, until Mommy can get her act together... And out of what is to believed a violent home.

PLEASE do not just read this and think awwww that is soooo sad. DO SOMETHING!! Her life could very well depend on us. The judge needs to believe 51% that something needs to happen. WE could make the difference. This is our chance to literally change a life. She doesn't have a Mommy or Daddy that cares, they continue to allow her to be molested. But, WE care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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